David Oliveira

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Even though the days go by

we’re always going to be entwined.

let go

be here

feel it and be calm.



and hear.

feel, touch and sense.

even though the days go by,

we’re always gonna be entwined,

all together in spirit.

at the end of eternity,

we meet again.

and even if not,

and tenderly,

we will be kissing in the eternal here

in the present, the now.

because who knows,

what the future may hold.

so let’s be together,



and embrace one another,

holding on,

and letting go.

Originally written on Quora.



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Thoughts have weathered

Breathing in clarity

Where to run?

Where to go?

Seeking in blurry lines

What will signify trust?

What will turn into stability;

And what into destruction?

Blurry lines again

In the air I breathe

Full of wonder and awe

Yet perplexed and confused

Where have my clarity and direction gone?

Can I reside here

In this part of inner-world

Living freely

Living freely — but at what price?

I just can’t stop

I just can’t see what’s ahead

Will water or fire be my demise?

Will awe and direction return?

… … …



David Oliveira

David Oliveira

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